Super Thin Marble Honeycomb Panels

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Being marble provides a beautiful, elegant touch to any room and with lightweight marble honeycomb panels you can get that same look, but with increased tensile strength and durability and only a fraction of the weight of solid stone.
The honeycomb design on these panels makes installation much less complicated and the number of possible applications almost limitless. In addition to your standard tables and countertops, these lightweight marble honeycomb panels also make beautiful, long lasting interior and exterior cladding—even soffits. While the solid marble veneer may look just like solid stone on the outside, the aluminum honeycomb design underneath is unbelievably durable, both rust and fire resistant, and can stand up to the weather and elements; providing that million dollar look and feel, plus so much more.

Alucrown stone honeycomb panel consists of a natural and super-thin stone veneer (3mm-10mm) and a honeycomb panel(aluminum honeycomb panel or fiber glass honeycomb panel), tightly bonded together through aeronautic bonding technology.  The panel remains the beauty of natural stone material and overcomes disadvantages of brittleness, easy to break and heavy of weight, intensity, smoothness, sound and heat insulation and anti-fire. Alucrown first cuts the thickness of stone materials is only 3-10mm.

Alucrown stone honeycomb materials are customized to meet all the unique needs of projects, accommodating performance, as well as decorative adjustments to ensure all the needs are met. Choose the stone from any quarried Marble, Granite, Travertine, Sandstone, Quartzite, Onyx, or Limestone in the world, in any finish or texture the selected stone allows. Custom adjustments to the stone thickness or reinforced backing may be necessary to coordinate with the most complicated systems, or performance additions such as improved ballistic results, soundproofing , or other adjustments are available for a perfect component addition to any system.          


Material Composition:
Lloyd's Register, ISO9001:2000, BV, SGS.
Regular Total Thickness  
10mm,15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc.
Stone Series
Regular thickness of stone
Regular Top & Bottom sheet
 Aluminum sheet or Fiber glass sheet
Regular Top & Bottom sheet thickness
Loading volumes
520SQM/1*20'FCL, 1040SQM/1*40'FCL
Standard Specification
 Cell size: 8.47mm, aluminum foil thickness: 0.05mm.
 Two-component Epoxy resin glue
300x300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm and 600x1200mm, other sizes as per required
Regular Surface Treatment
Brushed, Grooved,  Rough-rubbing, Polished, Pickling, Honed, Chiselled, etcgrooved, etc.
Shape Of Stone Sandwich Panel
Flat , curved shape, customized shape

Special size of marble honeycomb panel can be custom made as per requirement of customer.

Why use Alucrown Stone over traditional solid (dimensional) stone?
•Lightweight – Alucrown Stone is only 1/5 of the weight of its equivalent in dimensional stone. This means that the product is much easier to handle and to ship, lessening damages, and improving onsite efficiency and safety.
•Simple installation – Alucrown Stone offers far improved attachment over traditional solid stone. The solid stone anchoring system exposes the weakest properties of the stone, whereas the fixing systems offered with Alucrown Stone are rapid and align with common systems .
•Flexibility – Alucrown Stone panels, using stone as a veneer over the honeycomb core are much more flexible than dimensional stone. As a result the panels are much less prone to fracturing and cracking and better able to withstand building movement and extreme weather events.
•Stability – The thin stone found on Alucrown Stone panels lacks the torsional force of the thicker dimensional stone. This means the lightweight Alucrown Stone system doesn’t experience the stability failure that occurs in dimensional stone.

Comparison of Stone honeycomb panel and Traditional stone slab

Tranditional Slab With Juncion Piece
Stone Honeycomb Panels
Weight Comparision
30mm (Total thickness)                          73kg/m2 (Weight)
20mm (Total thickness)                   15kg/m2 (Weight)
Performance Comparison
Unable to bend
Bendable                                      (Pressing 30mm bent not crack)
Large expenditure
Small expenditure      <$16.00/m2
Safety Performance
Cracking in impact-resistant test
Only with punctuate cracking
Material Availability
Useful material output from one cubic     28-40m2
Maximum Size
Able to reach 1600*3200mm

Take the stone honeycomb panel with total thickenss of 20mm composied of 5mm marble surface plate, 13mm aluminum honeycomb plate, 0.04mm aluminum foil with the side length of the hexagon grid being 6mm.


    We can produce according to client require stone name/kind. Pls tell us stone name/ size/quantity. Competitive list would be provided at once.    





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