Lightweight Limestone Honeycomb Panels


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Limestone has long been prized as a building material and its beautiful, understated nature can add an amazing touch to any construction project. Unfortunately though, like with most stones, limestone is both incredibly heavy and surprisingly fragile to work with. However, with Alucrown’s spectacular lightweight limestone honeycomb panels, you can combine the special look of natural limestone with the superior strength, flexibility and durability of our unique aluminum or fiberglass honeycomb backing panel to get a panel that weighs a fraction of real stone and will last much longer.

Alucrown Limestone Honeycomb Panels with lightweight granite are constructed using high quality, industrial grade materials that combine a thin stone veneer on top of a fiberglass or aluminum support structure to produce incredible strength and durability and 80% less weight than traditional solid stone. These elegant granite panels offer excellent value, as they look exactly like the real thing, while being able to weather and last much longer.

As we design and produce these lightweight limestone honeycomb panels in our own facility in China, we can work with almost any specification or need, making our panels perfect for a huge variety of interior and exterior applications. They offer unparalleled beauty and unmatched structural strength, plus their insulation factor makes them much more environmentally friendly than solid stone.

Alucrown stone veneer common thickness is  (3mm-10mm), China granite raw material has rich resource, we can provide clients different kind of granites. 


Material Composition:

Special size of marble honeycomb panel can be custom made as per requirement of customer.

Why use Alucrown Stone over traditional solid (dimensional) stone?

  1. Lightweight and easy to install

  2. Corrosion, rust and weather resistant

  3. Uses actual, beautiful stone for that naturally attractive look

  4. Add less weight to existing structures and don’t require as much support

  5. They have a fashionable touch of natural stone for more attractiveness

  6. Popular on yachts and other marine applications

Alucrown ​lightweight honeycomb granite panels unique design allows them to move and shift with structures, so they can not only stand up to strong winds, but even earthquakes and hurricanes. They can also reduce total construction costs and time as they can be installed straight over the original cladding, so there’s no need for expensive demolition or structural reinforcements.

According to clients' requirement, we need to confirm stone name/kind/surface treatment/size/quantity clients need. Competitive list would be provided at once.






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