Wood Grain Aluminum Honeycomb Panels



Alucrown aluminum honeycomb board is a series of metal composite plate products developed in combination with aviation industry composite honeycomb plate technology."Cellular sandwich structure is used in the product is coated with the surface weathering excellent decorative coating of high strength aluminum alloy as the face, after the high temperature and high pressure composite slab with aluminum honeycomb core and composite plate.Aluminum honeycomb panel products series with material selection is excellent, the craft is advanced, and the advantages of reasonable structure, not only has excellent performance in large scale, flatness, and in shape, surface treatment, color and installation system have many to choose from.In addition, the panel in addition to the aluminum alloy, also can choose other material according to customer requirements, such as: copper, zinc, stainless steel, pure titanium, glass fiber, fire prevention board, clock above board, stone, aluminum, etc.

Material Aluminum Alloy 1100/3003/5052,etc
Regular Size(W*L) 1220*2440mm, 4' * 8'
Max Size(W*L) 2500*13000mm
Regular Thickenss 5mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm
Available Thickness 5mm to 300mm
Surface Treatment PE/PVDF roller coated, PVDF Powder coated, Anodized, chameleon, etc
Color Any RAL COLOR, wood/ stone texture
Perforation Yes(Customized)
Applications wall cladding, ceiling, roofings, flooring, cleannroom, partitions, furnitures, ship hull, vehicles

 Special size is available as customer required.
Any other color or finish which can be imagined by the customer.
Production process: shearing-bending-compositing-laminating-timming-packaging

Suggestions for application:
1, For interior wall(PE coating): Thickness range from 10mm to 20mm( top plate:1mm; bottom plate:0.7mm/ 0.8mm)
2,Exterior wall(PVDF coating): 
Thickness range from 15mm to 35mm( top plate:1mm; bottom plate:0.7mm/ 1mm)


Special size of aluminum honeycomb panel can be customized made as per requirement of customer. 

 1) Light and straightness

2) Excellent rigidness

3) Excellent resistance to wind pressure

4) Fireproof

5) Easy to machine and model

6) Excellent weather resistance

7) High strength

8) Good sound and thermal insulation

9) Good shock absorption

10) Energy saving, heat reservation and environmental protection

Technical Data
Panel-Thickness:   6mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm
Aluminium Cover Sheet,front side[mm]   1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
Aluminium Cover Sheet,reverse side[mm]   0.50 0.50 1.00 1.00 1.00
Weight[kg/m2]   4.9 5.3 6.9 7.2 7.5
Technical Propertles:
Section Modulus  Z [cm³/m]   2.5 4.5 14.00 19.00 24.00
Rigidity E.l [kNcm2/m]   7'100 21'900 75'500 139'000 221'700
Aluminum Alloy skin 3003-16
Modulus of Elastlcity [N/mm2] 70'000
Tensile Strength of cover sheets [N/mm2] Rm≥125
0.2% Proof Stress [N/mm2] Rp02≥80
Elongation(EN 485:1994) A50≥5%
Temperature Resistance  -40ºC to+90ºC
Linear Thermal Expansion 2.4 mm/m at 100ºC temperature difference
Front skin Continuous Coil Coating-Fluorocarbon(PVDF)
Gloss( initia value) 25%-45%
Pencil Hardness HB-F
Rear skin Polyester based wsh coat
Cell size "1/4" ,3/8",1/2"
Acoustical Propertles:
Sound Absorption Factor α 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05
Airborne Sound Insulation Index Rw [dB] 21 21 22 23 25
Thickness ±0.2mm
Width 0/+2mm
Length 1000-5000mm 0/+3mm
5001-11800m 0/+4m

RAL COLOR, PANTON COLOR, we can produce it according to clients' requirements of color. we also can make it depends on clients' color color sample.





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