PVDF Aluminum Single Panels For Decorative Wall


Single-aluminum panel is akind of depth processing series among the modern auminum building materials. It has the advantage of light weight, fine rigidity, high strength; good weather and corrosion resistance; fine processing technics,, may weld strongly, can be made to flat shape, arc shape and sphere shape etc; wide optional colour, good decoration effect; super pollution resistance, easy to clean and quick to fit and can be recycled, good for protecting environment, It fits for decorating the exterior wall of high-building, girder and columniation, balcony, clapboard interior decoration etc. it is received deeplu by the most customers.
Our aluminum single panels will be tailored to the exact requirements of the customer and can be supplied as: 
- PVDF aluminum single panel.
- Perforated aluminum single panel.
- CNC cutting aluminum single panel.
- Special shape can be customized.

Product Name Aluminum Single Panels
Length(mm) maximun 8000
Width(mm) Maximun 2000
Thickness(mm) 1.0/2.0/2.5/3.0/4.0/6.0/other
Material(mm) 1100/3003/5005 alloy
Color Any color/stone/wood grain/other
Surface Treatment PE/PVDF/Powder coating
Shape Flat/single/
curved/double curved/Customized

1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength
2, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
3, recovery of the salvage value is high.
4, high self cleaning performance
6, uniform coating, color diversity.
7, the assembly construction is convenient and quick.
8, good sound insulation & heat insulation
9、corrosion resistance
10、Abundant shapes and line decoration effects

.Building walls, hotel , ceiling beams, balcony, canopy.
. Airport, station, stadium,exhibition center.
. Business center,theaters,modern industrial plants.
. Reception hall , high-rise buildings, shipping,
,signboards, like commercial center, offices, banks, cladding, facades, roofs, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets and balconies, partitions, furniture, canopies, telephone booths, column covers or renovations, Display platforms, etc.

RAL COLOR, PANTON COLOR, we can produce it according to clients' requirements of color. we also can make it depends on clients' color color sample.


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